I Finally Met Him!

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I have followed and adored Craig McLachlan since I was 14 years old when Craig was Henry Ramsay in Neighbours. 30 years later, I am now a 44 year old mother of two who still follows and adores this beautiful man. I wanted to meet Craig over the years but never had the opportunity. In 2012 my dreams came true when Craig was filming The Doctor Blake Mysteries near my mum’s house. Corresponding with the Producer and explaining my love for Craig, I was given permission to meet him.

Oh my God!! What a beautiful man. From the moment Craig spoke his first words to me “Patty is it?” that was it. I instantaneously realised what a gem he was. I have met many actors in the industry but Craig would have to be one of the nicest. So genuine, funny, down to earth and a big hearted guy, my admiration for Craig grew that day. I was blessed to have met him again after watching The Rocky Horror Show. The fact that he remembered me and most of all remembered my name after years of initially meeting him, tells me what a beautiful and genuine person he is.

Written by – Patty Condidorio

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