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My story begins mid-to-late 2018, when I discovered The Doctor Blake Mysteries on Netflix.  I fell in love with the show!  It was a particularly depressing time in my life, so the show was something I could look forward to.  When I ran out of episodes on Netflix, I promptly found more for purchase on iTunes!  The show was just perfect:  a period show in what I consider to be a simpler time AND an Aussie show with a detective doctor!  It was superbly written, acted and produced.  I still love to watch it.

For the first time, I made steps to make my dreams of a trip to Australia a reality!  For so long, I’ve wanted to visit this beautiful country, to visit friends, and to see the water swirl the wrong-way-round. 

While watching The Doctor Blake Mysteries, Craig planted a seed in the various piano scenes with Jean and Lucien.  Imagine my surprise when I learned Craig is a musician too!  My life was forever changed by Craig’s album “My Little Acoustic Record”.  I can name the exact place where it all hit me. I was listening to “My Little Acoustic” record on a car trip and was on my way home.  Craig was playing all of the instruments on these songs!  What?  Wow!  From the first day I heard them, It’s Alright and Hear the World Cry have been my favorites, for different reasons.  Craig’s music can both uplift and bring calm.  I’m still amazed.

Inspired by Craig, I decided to learn to play the keyboard.  I have no musical background, except a brief period in 6th grade where I had a failed attempt at playing the clarinet and the basic choir in school.  I bought a keyboard for my birthday, but I quickly upgraded to a better digital keyboard, followed by an inexpensive ukulele!  Followed by a Rotary meeting which will be forever named the “Uke Summit”, I lost my first uke to an auction to raise funds for polio eradication.  So now, my uke has been upgraded too!  I now have three of them, and fear it’s the beginning of ukulele acquisition syndrome.  My favorite is a Hawaiin soprano uke.  I had no idea how to even hold or tune the uke so the learning was steep.  As we move through the COVID pandemic, the music has been such a blessing. 

Craig is my inspiration.  I thank him beyond what words can express.  One day, hopefully, I can thank Craig in person.  His gift keeps giving.

With love, Missy Houghtaling

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