Hello Craig!

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I used to work in Marketing at the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton as Marketing & Promotions Executive.

We first met when you came to the Mayflower Theatre to perform in ‘White Christmas’, it was one of the most memorable and wonderful times in my 22 years working at the Mayflower and the same for many of my friends and colleagues.

I feel a lot of this was due to your Theatre visits and great personality, bringing everyone in the Theatre closer together.  Just by popping into the offices and literally chatting to everyone in the entire building was a real boost to morale, it was always great fun and everyone felt included in the success of the show.

We were lucky to have such a lovely ‘White Christmas’ cast with Lorna, Ken and Tim. We all felt sad when the run came to an end but had lots of wonderful memories.

You were truly loved by everyone in the Theatre on and offstage and I remember the excitement when we knew you were returning to star in Chitty and again in our Pantomime.

The staff couldn’t wait to see you back up in the offices, chatting and teasing everyone, you really were like part of the family, on every return visit it felt like you had never been away.

I remember your kindness attending various Charity Events often taking place on your days off.
I accompanied you many times and saw how kind you were to everyone you met and the large crowds you attracted.

Craig, can you remember’Race for Life’, Breast Cancer charity? You were Amazing and got the whole crowd jumping and cheering before their run. You helped make it fun for everyone and have a great talent of bringing people together.

I also remember when my colleague/friend’s Dad was very ill in hospital and you took the time to send him a lovely ’Get Well’ card and message, it really lifted his spirits and meant a lot to my friend and all her family. These little acts of kindness say a lot about you as a person.

My husband Steve sends his regards and best wishes to you. I don’t know if you remember but you used his guitar amp a couple of times and were always so appreciative when you handed it back. He said he wished he could get the same sounds out of his amp as you did!

Craig, look after yourself, there are a lot of people who care about you and send their love. To me you are always remembered as a kind, caring fun loving person who has time for everyone and very professional in every way.

I’m sending my love and support to you and Vanessa and wish you well for the future.

Best wishes,
Bernie xx

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