Bring Back Craig McLachlan and The Doctor Blake Mysteries!

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The Doctor Blake Mysteries was a huge hit in Australia and around the world. On Craig’s official website many of the posts are asking when will the show come back. The petition to bring back The Doctor Blake Mysteries is getting close to 10,000 signatures. That is an important number for the networks. If you love The Doctor Blake Mystereis or just love well written and quality drama on television, please sign the petition and share it.


  1. No reason not to bring back Dr. Blake with Craig. He has been proven innocent! It is a great series, but no point without him in it. He is a great actor and the character of Lucien is very believable.


  2. Why does it always end up that corporations bow to what they think is public pressure when in fact they are just cowards and wont stand by what is proven to be false claims. Bring back this stellar series that Australia should be very proud of. Don’t let Craig fall into oblivion, don’t let the character fall into oblivion as well. Somone have the courage to reinstate this series.


  3. I am watching again from Philadelphia, it’s better the second time around. Why did you cancel Craig? He was found innocent, bring him back!


  4. I just don’t understand the reasoning behind the powers in the tv industry not bringing back the Dr. Blake Mysteries with Craig. It is a huge hit all over the world.


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