Now Streaming: The Doctor Blake Mysteries

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Good news for the US fans of Craig McLachlan and The Doctor Blake Mysteries. Ovation TV is now streaming this show every Thursday beginning July 7th.

Here is the description of this wonderful dram, now on Ovation TV in the US:

Ovation TV, America’s premier arts network, will begin airing the first season of The Doctor Blake Mysteries next month. The original, period murder mystery series, stars one of Australia’s favorite, most versatile actors – Craig McLachlan – as the maverick town doctor Lucien Blake, an impulsive risk-taker who’s not afraid to upset the status quo. Created by George Adams and Tony Wright, the first season of The Doctor Blake Mysteries will begin airing on Ovation TV on Thursday, July 7 at 8am ET. With four episodes airing back-to-back every Thursday, season two will then begin airing on Thursday, July 21 at 11am ET.

It’s 1959. Dr. Blake has returned to this place he once called home, to take over his dead father’s medical practice. Everything seems peaceful on the surface, but seething underneath are the age-old passions of a regional town clashing head-on with the tension and fears of the decade to come. Haunted by the horrors of war, his own personal loss and changed by his experiences as a POW, the wry, dry, yet very human Dr. Blake undertakes his other role as Police Surgeon with precision and gusto – yet many find his unpredictable and unconventional manner unnerving.  Ahead of his time, Blake looks to the science of forensics and his own understanding of the human heart and mind to help solve the mysteries that inevitably come his way. 

Set in the gothic gold rush town of Ballarat, the wealth that built its grand architecture is long gone – but not the mysteries, murder, and deceit that linger beneath the surface of its faded glory. Beside Blake, helping and at times hindering, are his housekeeper Jean (Nadine Garner); her nephew Danny (Rick Donald), a young Constable; District Nurse Mattie O’Brien (Cate Wolfe); and Chief Superintendent Matthew Lawson (Joel Tobeck). 

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